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The College Points is a online platform, website, and travel blog featuring content created for college students, young professionals, and even seasoned frequent travelers. The College Points aims to provide readers with the latest content focused on all-things travel, aviation, loyalty programs, and top credit cards. Our goal is to introduce and educate the next generation of frequent flyers and travelers. Readers will find resources on points, miles, and loyalty programs across The College Points. Additionally, The College Points hopes to inspire and educate younger travelers with travel tips and advice as well as the latest travel deals.

Launched in October 2019

The College Points was founded in late September of 2019. A month later, the first iteration of The College Points officially launched.

Our Mission.

To educate, inform, and entertain our readers with content covering all-things travel, aviation, points & miles, loyalty programs, and travel deals.

By College Students, For College Students

The College Points Team

Max Prosperi Founder The College Points

Max Prosperi


The founder of The College Points, Max’s passion for aviation and all-things travel began when he was in middle school. Over the next few years, Max began to travel unaccompanied, sharing his experiences as a young frequent flyer on his first successful blog, The Unaccompanied Flyer. Today, Max’s passion for aviation has shaped nearly every aspect of his life including his career path. In recent years, Max has served as a contributor at numerous major travel blogs. Max’s content focuses on the air transportation industry and loyalty programs.

João Machado

João Machado


João Machado is a contributor at The College Points with content focusing on commercial aviation and the air transportation industry. João’s interest in aviation started he was just six years old. His interest in aviation eventually lead João to create his own blog focused on the air transportation industry when he was 10 years old. Residing in a country that has seen explosive growth in commercial air travel in recent years, João loves bringing readers a broader understanding of what’s going on in the industry.​

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